Click 'Bills' -> 'New Bill'

A form will be displayed for you to create a bill not attached to reservations.
Just like with a reservation you can either create a guest, or choose a previous guest.

Bill items can be added to the bill by selecting from the drop down menu on the left. The items you can select from are your upgrades/extras.  If you do not have any you can add them in the Diary by choosing the menu option 'Rates -> Upgrades'.

Once you have selected a line item you can add notes, the amount and if VAT should be included. Please note the 'VAT included' checkbox will only be displayed for VAT registered properties.
Click 'Add' to add the line item to the bill.  You may then add another line item.

You can add any payments and then click 'Create Bill'.

The bill can then be printed or emailed.
The bill will appear in 'Bills -> Guest Bills' like any other bill.

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