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Booking Reports (An Explanation)
Booking Reports (An Explanation)

How the booking reports search works

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Search for new
A new reservation is any reservation that has not been saved since it was created.  It has not been moved to a different room.  It has not had an extra added to it.  The notes are exactly the same as when it was created.

Search for modified

Every time you modify a reservation; whether by changing one of its reservation item's (room/apartment/tent) arrival date, adding an extra, modifying the notes or cancelling one of the rooms, the reservation gets the status of modified.  Essentially any time you click save at the bottom of the reservation.  
Please Note: Every time a reservation is modified on an OTA, the previous reservation Items are cancelled and replaced by new reservation items.

Search for cancelled
A cancelled reservation is a reservation where every reservation item (room/apartment/tent) has been cancelled.

N.B. Reservations are seen as modified if:
You click the 'Save Reservation' button
any of these actions are done on a reservation Item (room/apartment/tent) of the reservation - check in, check out, mark as no show, undo a no show,  un-check in, un-check out, undo a cancellation, unallocate item, allocate item, pill is moved, autorelease date is set

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