Day End Close Report

This report shows summary of ledgers, rooms sales posted, rooms sold payments received, billed accommodation, payments applied to bills

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This Report should be run once at the end of every day.
PLEASE NOTE: Values used in this report have to consider bills generated on the date the report is run.  If you delete a bill, and create it again on a different date then your reports will not make sense.

Running this report moves money into, out of and between the guest, city and deposit ledgers.
Running this report will add restrictions to your actions on the diary.

Before the first time this report is run you must enter the current balances for all three ledgers.

Ledger Summary 

Extras/Upgrades transactions will only be placed on a ledger when a bill including that extra/upgrade is generated.  The date they are applied to a ledger will be the date the bill is generated. 

Guest Ledger
This covers any transactions between the property and the guest.  Every night of the guests stay, that nights value is transferred into the Guest Ledger as a Debit ( + ).  Any payments made to a reservation within the dates of stay will Credit ( - ) this account.   Any payments received prior to arrival will reside in the deposit ledger and as the guest stays these payments will be mirrored on the Guest Ledger as a Credit.

City Ledger
This will record any standalone bills ( debit + ), or any payments to standalone bills (credit - ).  It will also receive any balance remaining on the Guest ledger after the guest has departed (debit + ).  Once a payment is received for any remaining balance on a reservation after the date of departure, that payment will be recorded in the city ledger as a Credit ( - ). Any payment included the Deposit Ledger for a reservation that is cancelled before arrival will be transferred to the City Ledger as a credit, on the date the reservation is cancelled.

Deposit Ledger
This records any payments received before the date of arrival.  These payments will Credit ( - ) the account.  Each night of stay that is completed by a guest will move money (debit + ) from the deposit ledger into the guest ledger as a Credit ( - ).  

Room Sales Posted

Unlike the Daily Room Recap Report posting works slightly different on the Day End Close. Each nightly rate is posted on it's respective date, in other words a posting will occur when a night of stay passes. This is to dissipate any confusion as to why debits in the ledgers are not matching transaction data in the transactions section of the report


This section shows all payments made on the date the report is run for, these payments will be shown as credits. It also shows a list of all postings as debits. Postings consist of accommodation, supplements and purchased upgrades. Accommodation with supplements has now been separated and any supplements has been categorised even further into their respective upgrade groups. Any refunds are also included in the transaction section and they are also displayed as debits.


Refunds are processed on the date the refund was created. Determining which ledger the refund is recorded on depends on whether or not the refund is for an over-payment or if not, it depends on which ledger hold a payment for the reservation. For the refund to be zeroed (if not for an accidental over-payment) it needs a payment to cancel it out, for this a write off/ discount payment equalling the amount of the refund is needed.

Movement of money owed with group bookings

Group Booking: If a group booking has items with different date ranges and these items are not paid in full, then on the departure date of each item, the remainder of whats owed on the reservation item is transferred from the guest ledger to the city ledger. 

Day End Close Breakdown

The report also contains a link to the Day End Close Breakdown report. This report details all transactions included in the Debits and Credits for all Ledgers. It also contains a list of check-ins, detailing the number of guests, room number etc.

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