Log in to Extranet with the hotel's log in details.

Under the tab "Property Info" there should be a menu item on the left "Channel Manager", if this link does not exist, you can request this is enabled by submitting the following message in the " messaging system" by clicking inbox tab.


Can you please enable the Channel Manager menu option for my property in the extranet.


This will be actioned - and a response will be added to the inbox, and initial instructions sent to the property email address. expect the property to do the connection, but we do it for the hotels.


  1. Click on "Property Info" tab

  2. Click "Channel Manager"

  3. Click start and enter Accubook into the search field and choose us from the list.

  4. Agree to the terms, and choose 1-way availability or full connection 2-way 

We will receive an email from stating the hotel wishes to establish the connection.

We can now discover rooms

Enter the following

  • Property ID - The Property ID for the property on BDC

  • Discover Single Use Rooms  - Yes or No.  If the property doesn't have a single room on they might sell double rooms for single occupancy.  in BDC click "Rates & Availability"
    Click "Double room" (or equivalent ) beside the grid. If the page shows a row for "Single use rate", we should select Yes in our settings, otherwise No

  • Rate plan controlling availability (Optional) - Enter the rateplan you wish to control availability.  "Bed & Breakfast” is not the same as “bed and breakfast”. AND “Standard” is not the same as “Standard Rateplan”.  Whatever is between the brackets in the target rooms is what you want to match.  

This can be left blank - the first rateplan discovered will automatically update availability. 

The channel manager currently sends availability only for the mapping with  "[Updates Availability] " in the target name.

  • Pooled Allocation - Yes or No.  If the label in BDC on the "Rates and availability" screen says "Rooms to sell (Room Level)" then the associated rate plans have pooled (derived) allocation, so we should select Yes in the setting.

  • If we elected for a 2-way connection in we should select "yes" for enable 2-way connection, the channel manager will begin to retrieve booking information from when the connection is enabled.

Occupancy Based Pricing (OBP)
The property must be switched to OBP via the extranet or by contacting BDC.  Once this has been completed, a room discovery via GuestDiary.Com will show all new mappings for the sub-occupancies.

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