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Breakfast Report

How to get an accurate report of breakfasts needed on a given morning

Written by Andy Bassett
Updated over a week ago

Within the platform, you are now able to mark both Rate Plans and Upgrades as having "Breakfast Included". Toggling this feature on will allow you to run an accurate Breakfast Report showing all guests checked in on a "Breakfast Included" Rate Plan/Upgrade.

How do I mark a Rate Plan or Upgrade as having "Breakfast Included" ?

Simply, navigate to either the Rateplans section (Rates > Rateplans) or the Upgrades section (Rates > Upgrades). Scroll down to the Rate Plan/Upgrade you wish to update and click edit. Find the Breakfast Included toggle and click it.

How do I know if a Rate Plan or Upgrade has Breakfast Included?

By navigating to the Rate Plan/Upgrade section, finding the Rate Plan/Upgrade in question and checking the Breakfast Included section, highlighted below.

Where is the report?

The report is located on the Reports page, found in Reports > Reports. 


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