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Contactless/Remote Check-In
Contactless/Remote Check-In

Some information on how the new contactless check-in feature works

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Everyone is well aware of the need to maintain distance and reduce grouping of staff and guests. With this new feature you can optionally enable remote check-in for all your guests. Please contact us to enable.

When the feature is active you will be able to send notifications (via the "Contactless Reminder" button) to guests arriving today, asking them to check-in via a link in the email. They will also automatically receive an email on the morning of their arrival date.

When the guest clicks the link they will be taken to the Guest Portal to check-in.

They can provide their details and identification, just like they would at the front desk. If you have any sign-in sheet messages or conditions, the guest must agree to them at this point.

Once the guest completes the check-in process you will be notified in the "Contactless Portal" and in the alerts on the side of MyGuestDiary.Com.

Here you can view the details provided by the guest during their check-in and see their uploaded identification.

Once you have reviewed the sign in form and the I.D. of the guest you can also acknowledge the check-in.

This will ensure your colleagues know your required internal steps have been completed.

Acknowledging the check-in also sends an email with a default message to the user, you can also add custom text to each acknowledgement. The custom message might be a pin for a keypad on a small lock box to retrieve the key, or guidance on where they can collect the key.

Please contact us to activate this feature.

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