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An often requested feature.  Please see the help link for more information.

Closing out just Airbnb.  Previously to prioritise Airbnb you would select to close all online channels.  This would close the other OTA.  Now you can just manage Airbnb if that's all you want to close, or open.

There is now a new report in Financial Reports which will show bill activity for a date range.  Previously this information was only available in the day end report for one day at a time.

An option to show a google map at the bottom of all confirmations sent to the guest is now available.  The guest will see it in reservation emails and at the end of the booking process on the booking engine.

A section to add extra information to a confirmation is also now available.  This extra information would be separate from Terms and conditions and will appear at the bottom of all confirmations.

Also released recently is the ability to right click a pill and select 'quick check in'.  This will just check the guest in.  The option to add payments and generate a bill on check in can still be found by right clicking and selecting 'check in'
You can also quick allocate a pill now too, by right clicking on an unallocated pill.

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