Brief Summaries of each release

2.39 - New Channel - Airbnb (API Connection)
2.38 - Automated Day End Reporting, Country Report, Full Refund & Writeoff, and more...
2.36/2.37 - Alternative Currency Additions, Website Improvements, and more...
2.35 - Private Rooms Toggle on Room Recap Report, New Payment Methods, and more!
2.34 - Reports Pages UI Improvements, Exclude Room Name by Default on Confirmations, and more!
2.33 - Customisable Reporting First Day of Week, Website Stability Improvements
2.32 - Tasks for Rooms, Tasks Report, Improved Revenue Report UI
2.30/2.31 - Include Rateplans with Breakfast on Extras Report, Promo Codes on Booking Report, Disable Discounts, and more!
2.28/2.29 - Configure Taxes from Reservation Form, Better Cookie Consent, Clone Content Blocks, and more!
2.27 - Booking Status Overview, Booking Reports Changes, Highlight Closeouts on Rates Screen, and more!
2.26 - GuestDiary University, Responsive Improvements, Turnover Report, and more!
2.24/2.25 - New rate/accommodation dropdowns, ability to sort rateplans, set availability to 0 for a date (manual properties), and more!
2.23 - Quick Diary Customisation, Bulk Prioritisation, Simpler Voucher Payment UI
2.22 - New Arrivals & Departures UI, Diary Screen Additions, Simpler Special Offer Availability Configuration, Eased Booking Drag & Drop Restrictions
2.21 - Simplified Special Offer UI, Reduced Hospitality VAT Rates, Improvements to Extras Report
2.20 - Easier Unallocation ('Parking'), Improved Revenue Report, Property/City Tax Display, More informative and Friendly UI
2.19 - Quick Reservation, Mini-bill Summary, Stripe Payment Success, UI Improvements
2.18 - Summary of Bills, View Bills for a Specific Guest, New Payment Methods, Smoking and Room Size, Download Deleted Bills
2.17.0 - Stripe for OTA Reservations, Contactless Settings
2.16 - Contactless Checkout
2.15 - Stripe, Group Date Change
2.14 - Contactless/Remote Check-in
2.13 - Pre-Arrival Email
2.12 - Payments/Refunds Logs and Reports Page
2.11 - Rates Screen Overhaul, Revenue Report, Voucher Sort Order, Archive Vouchers
2.10 - Change Booking Engine Name Display
2.9 - Performance Report, Email PDF of Reports, Write-off Button
2.8.0 - Customise MyGuestDiary.Com
2.7.0 - Provisional Group Bookings, Auto Dirty Rooms, Dirty Rooms on Housekeeping Report, Edit One Room Of a Group Booking
2.6 - Custom Bill and Reservation Confirmation, Manual Split, Improved Checkin/Out Experience
2.5 - Install, New Sections on Task Manager
2.4 - Quick Bill/Department Invoice
2.3 - Shift Balance, Custom Bill Footer, Improved Breakfast report, City Ledger/Overdue Accounts report, Image Alt Tags, Image Sorting
2.2 - Dirty Room Toggle, Bill Audit, Deposit Payments Report, Improved Logging
2.1 - Custom Message on Reservation Confirmations, Auto-Translate New Webpages, Alter Invoice Recipient Details, Write-Off Invoice
2.0 - New Dashboard and Task Manager, Indicate rate is changed, Colour on end of pill for booking source
1.49 - Stop adding a refund greater than payments received
1.48.0 - Improvements to logging, Add existing payments to a previously created bill, Stop overpaying on bills
1.47.0 - Performance and System Stability Improvements
1.46 - Guidance for Day End Close Users, System Improvements and Stability Improvements
1.45 - Extras Needed Report, Departure list report showing outstanding balance
1.44.0 - Huge Optimisation improvements, Store view preferences, County Tax, Mobile app in Vietnamese
1.43.0 - Day End Close Support/Breakdown Report, Adjustments to the Arrivals/Departures list, Example Rooms on Rates screen
1.42.0 - City Tax as %, Enter Alternate Currency price, Bill Activity easily found, Ledger/Day end close History
1.41.0 - New Website builder soft launch
1.40.0 - Get the latest version of a Reservation From, Current User logged in, Email Subject with arrival date
1.39.0 - Negative Bills as Adjustments
1.37.0 - Deactivate a Rateplan/Special Offer, Night Rates
1.36.0 - EPOS connectivity for RST/iTouch, Private Room toggles for reports
1.35.0 - Vietnamese language, language options at the top of bills and confirmations
1.34.0 - Post news and events to your site, Nightly rates on bills, Negative upgrades, Promo codes and special offer links
1.33.0 - Improved speed on rates screen, show/hide fully closed rateplans/discounts
1.32.0 - Rateplan supplements and night rates
1.31.0 - Great Improvement to Charts
1.30.0 - Adding a payment from a Res to a previously generated bill, Adding a payment from the mobile app, Modifying a reservation for non-Full Diary, Lock down of items included in the Day End Close Report,
1.29.0 - A lot of Stability improvements
1.28 - Invalid card status, Purchased upgrades notes
1.27.0 - Sorting Upgrades, Booking Report Results, Monthly Occupancy Report, Day End Close Report
1.26.0 - Events, Room Recap Report, Mobile app notifications
1.25.0 - Right click and preview bill, Auto undo checkout when bill deleted, Auto search for reservations
1.24.0 - Report for extras sold, See whats being sent to an OTA, Pro-forma on add payment/generate bill, Clarification on booking reports
1.23.0 - Search for Provisionals
1.22.0 - Promo Codes, Auto-Release Date picker, iOS app updated
1.21.0 - WYSIWYG
1.20.0 - Special Offer Extras, Stability and Performance Improvements
1.19.0 - Toggle Restrictions, Invoice No-Shows, Private Rooms Yellow
1.18.0 - No show status, Special Offer link builder, Guest Diary Store
1.17.0 - Marketing Consent, Guest Cancelled Reservations Highlighted, Bulk open/close Discounts
1.16.0 - Currency Selector, Always available extras/upgrades
1.15.0 - Auto Release/Cancel, Secret Special Offers, Cancellation link in confirmations
1.14.0 - Smart Vouchers, Navigation menu on Booking Engine
1.12.0 - Special Offers, Prioritising Airbnb, Google map, Confirmation Details, Bill Activity for Date Range, Quick check in