• Sorting upgrades. The order upgrades are displayed on the booking engine can be dictated by sorting on the diary.  Just open your upgrades page and drag them (by holding the left mouse button on the upgrade's name) to ensure the order they will be displayed (if available and relevant) .

  • Layout improvements to Booking Reports screen.  This has been an ongoing project with a lot of feedback.  Hopefully this will make the report more user friendly.  

  • Monthly occupancy report.  This is adding to the Financial Reports Module.  Please see the help documentation (here) for an explanation of the report.

  • Day End Close Report - Another addition to the Financial Reports Module.  This report will show transactions moving between each ledger in your property.  It will also show rooms posted, payments received, occupancy and a lot more.  Please see the help documentation (here) as it is complicated.

  • The mobile app has been updated with a date picker for the diary screen and the ability to go to previous dates.  iOS and Android

  • You may have also noticed new night rates and credit card links at the bottom of confirmations from the Diary Booking Engine too.

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