Hostel World Connection Set Up
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Enter the property id on Hostelworld

The parameter "Discover inactive rooms" ( 1 or 0 ) is used when the connection is two-way and rooms have recently been changed on hostelworld. There is a possibility that the room that was just edited could still be booked (possible up to 30 mins after the room has been changed on hostelworld). When changing anything on a room on hostelworld the room id changes so the rooms need to be remapped. To guarantee any bookings from the inactive rooms are found the following steps needs to be taken.

  • Turn off the channel (no updates or booking discovery requests are now being sent)

  • change the rooms on hostel world

  • re-configure the channel to enable discovery of inactive rooms.

  • discover and map the rooms - including the inactive rooms which have just been changed

  • enable the channel manager again.

No updates will be sent for the inactive rooms, however if any bookings are found within the next 30 minutes the allocation will be correctly adjusted.  If two-way connection with allocation adjustments:The inactive rooms need to be mapped so any future cancellations that are made, will adjust (increase) the allocation of the correct room. Leaving the discover inactive rooms setting to 0 will result in the following:Rooms edited while in the process of being booked will not adjust (decrease) allocation in AccuBook if the new rooms are mapped before the booking is retrieved. Inactive rooms will not increase availability when booking is cancelled.


Hostelworld work from the principle of beds (or people) rather than rooms.

When sending the allocation for a private room, the allocation in AccuBook is multiplied by the max allocation of the room, e.g. 1 double room in accubook results in "2" being sent to HostelWorld. 

It is important "dorm beds" in AccuBook are mapped to "non private rooms, e.g. Female Dorm" on HostelWorld and "Rooms" in AccuBook are mapped to "Private Rooms" in HostelWorld.

Hostelworld prevent changes being made in their extranet as soon as the channel manager has been given access. So we should connect the channel manager as soon as possible.

They also no longer deliver bookings to the property, they force us to deliver bookings so we must enable a 2-way connection (we can choose to not make any allocation changes in AccuBook if we don't want a "real" 2-way connection) 

We must deliver the bookings to the property as hostelworld no longer deliver them. We are not supplied credit card details so we only deliver the bookings by email.


Hostelworld API allows the ability to set different number of beds at different prices ( within the same room ) this is not supported by the AccuBook Channel Manager.

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