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Enter the hotel contact details including their property ID on Expedia, enter the channel manager details into the relevant columns at the bottom to specify 1-way connection (AR) or 2-way (BR)


Can you please ensure the following required settings are applied,

Rates are "Per Day Pricing"

The channel manager will be sending Sell Rates including taxes


We will then receive an email from Expedia with login details for the channel manager, the channel manager username starts with "EQC" this cannot be used on the extranet.

Once our channel manager has access to the property, we can access the property in our group login in the "Expedia Partner Central" Extranet

We don't need to change anything in Expedia, however we should log in to view how the rooms and rates are configured, e.g which are derived etc.

Enter the following

  1. EQC username and password 

  2. Hotel ID 

  3. currency e.g. USD, EUR, GBP

Note: the first rate type found for each room will be set to "Updates Availability"

Availability will be sent across for this mapping, and when we are trying to set availability to less than the contracted availability, this is the last rate plan that will be closed. 

When trying to set the allocation for a room to a value less than the contracted availability, the channel manager will try to closed all rate plans that are not set to control availability first. 

Expedia will report errors if we try to update the incorrect rate types. 

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