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Hotel Code
Enter the Hotel Code

Map Single Occ/Rate
If you want to send a different rate/price for one person in a room to the full occupancy (number of people) in the room, select Yes.
If you want the same price for 1 person in a room as a price for full number of people in a room, select No.

Currency Code
Enter the currency code for your property e.g. EUR or VND or USD or GBP etc.

Traveloka only accept restrictions, rates and availability on the RETAIL rateplan.  Mapping the other rateplans is used when a reservation is retrieved.

Map Single Occ/Rate Prices Notes: If the property wants to send different rates for different occupancies of the same room and rateplan combination, enter a 1. After a room discovery, you will see each room and rateplan combination has a Single Occ/Rate that can be mapped to. These only send rates. They do not send restrictions or availability. If a Single Occ/Rate source mapping is closed, the rate for that Single Occ/Rate mapping will change to the rate for the max occupancy. It will not send a close restriction. If you want to close or restrict a rateplan you must use the master/parent occupancy.  

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