• Report to show how many of an extra are needed for a specific date:  Please use the toggle beside the Extras report in the financial reports section.  This was requested by a number of properties.  Please Note: The Report for extras needed assumes an extra is needed based on the dates of a reservation item and the price type (per night/per stay) of an item.  

  • Send confirmation from booking reports page:  Use the action menu beside a reservation to send a confirmation to the email address for the guest. 

  • Display the log that a proforma bill was sent:  You can view the history of a reservation at any time using the button at the top of the reservation.  

  • Generate a Departures list that shows who has paid and who hasn’t:  There is now a departures report list that also shows in red those that haven't cleared their balance.  

  • Change provisional emails so that they clearly state that the booking is provisional:  This involved wording change on emails if the reservation is completely provisional and also the status of each reservation item is now visible.

  • Show the restrictions for discounts on update rates screen on hover: We had a few requests for this.   

  • Show a room is zippable double rather than just double on diary screen badge with a z.

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