• Custom Bill/Proforma and Reservation Confirmation - Want to remove the T&C or the guest name?  Maybe you don't want any financial info shown for some reason.  Now a bill/proforma or reservation confirmation can be customised when you print/view AND when you email!  

This adds more customisability to confirmations which recently added custom text. 

Tick boxes at the top of the print/view allow you to hide different parts when printing also.  

  • Manual Split - Got a guest who doesn't like the room they stayed in last night?  Split/move the remaining nights for the reservation item into another room.  

  • Improved Checkin/out - There has been a redesign of the check in/out pages.  

  • There has also been a number of additional guidance modals added to try to help guide you when working with reservations with multiple reservation items and multiple payments.  


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