• Rates Screen Overhaul - You will have noticed the new styles and icons, and likely the huge speed improvement. This change was based on feedback and features the very latest technologies to ensure stability and speed for you rates screen.

  • Revenue Report (4 ways) - Want to see revenue based on bookings made/bills generated/departed reservations/payments applied? Now you can. This one report can be run in multiple ways and can be used to compare last year to this year. Download an excel with details of the report. You get a nice graph and everything! You'll find it under Reports->Revenue Report.

  • Voucher Sort Order - Want your new voucher to appear at the top of you Booking Engine Voucher page. Just click-hold-drag the voucher to the top on your Vouchers Types page.

  • Voucher Archive - Don't sell a voucher anymore? Click the 'Archive Voucher' button to remove it from you booking engine and to hide it from the Voucher Types page.

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