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Unallocated Reservations

Steps to take when a reservation cannot be automatically allocated to a room

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When a booking is received from the booking engine or channel manager it will be allocated to a relevant room.

It is possible that the reservation cannot automatically be allocated, you will need to choose where to put the reservation.

To avoid overbookings, 0 availability will be sent to the OTA websites via the channel manager, and the booking engine will be closed on dates where there are unallocated reservations, once the issue is resolved the OTA websites and booking engine will receive the correct availability again.

Unallocated reservations are highlighted in the menu and on the dashboard and the reservations can be seen on the diary when viewing the relevant date range.

The dashboard will show an alert as follows, you can click on the red box to view possible solutions as recommended by the diary.

The unnallocated reservation is highlighed on the diary screen by placing the pills under the list of rooms and highlighted in your chosen colour.

In the example above a double room is available on the requested dates, however there isn't a contiguous date range to allocate the reservation.

By clicking on the square on the dashboard the diary would only be able to suggest splitting the stay between room 7 and room 6, it can automatically do this for you, as a result the guest would stay in room7 for the frst 2 nights and then move to room 6 for the final night.

This might be your only solution in some circumstances when you cannot reallocate other reservations.

In the example above however you can move (hold ctrl on your keyboard and drag the pill from room 7 up to room 6), the person in room 7 to room 6, this allows the unallocated booking to be allocated to room 7 (again by holding ctrl on your keyobard and dragging the pill up to room 7).

Once all unallocated reservations have been allocated the alert on the diary and the menu will dissappear.

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