• New Arrivals & Departures UI - The arrivals and departures page has got a new look with quick links to useful reports and the ability to navigate dates. Go check it out!

  • Diary Screen Additions - Several useful features have been added to the diary screen. You can now view the number of beds beside the rooms, and a useful tooltip with more information is available when hovering the room name.

  • Simpler Special Offer Availability Configuration - You can now configure availability for a special offer straight from the offer creation/modification page. Note: This will override any changes you make from the Rates page.

  • Eased Booking Drag & Drop Restrictions - You may now move bookings to any room, even if the styles or number of beds don't match. You will have to acknowledge a warning in such scenarios to avoid mistakes. Bookings with more people than beds in room will appear with a '+' icon on them.

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