Booking Status Overview (Traffic Lights) - View the status of a booking at a glance. The booking hover tooltip, add/edit reservation pages, and the arrivals/departures pages will consistently display an overview of where the booking is at. If adding/editing a reservation, clicking on the different badge will take you to the relevant section. See below:

Booking Reports Changes - The booking reports page has received a moderate visual overhaul for readability and usability. The new date range picker allows users to individually pick the from and to dates as well as offering range presets. This should address many of the concerns that were brought up by users misunderstanding the old date picker. Additionally, the booking report date range limit has been modified to allow for searches for up to one year.

Highlight Closeouts on Rates Screen - If you close out a date to online sales on the rates screen, the whole column will now be highlighted in a light red colour, similar to the diary screen.

Generate Bill from Edit Reservation - If editing a reservation and you have no bills generated yet, you will be able to generate the bill straight from within the reservation rather than having to go through extra steps. The button to generate a new bill will only be shown if there are no existing bills.

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