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Channel Manager and Connecting to OTAs
Mapping To an Online Travel Agent (OTA)
Mapping To an Online Travel Agent (OTA)

Guidance to connecting your GuestDiary occupancies to an OTA

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This article assumes you have contracted with the OTA and enabled/selected AccuFunnel/AccuBook as your Channel Manager on the OTA website or via their help desk.

Once you have created all your physical rooms/apartments, occupancies and rateplans you are ready to connect to an OTA.

Click 'Channels' in the menu on the left of your GuestDiary property site.  Click 'Channels' in the expanded menu.  
Click 'Create New Connection'.  The next window will change the required fields as you change the selected OTA WEBSITE in the drop down menu.

Enter the required information and Click 'Save and discover rooms on OTA website'.
If the selected OTA is not Airbnb a list of rooms/apartments on the OTA site will appear.

Click on the mapping menus on the left side of each room/apartment to connect to.

When you click you will see all Physical Occupancies that you have in your property.  This is where the availability will come from.  
As you hover over each occupancy another menu will open with the virtual or rate Occupancies that are appropriate for the availability occupancy.  

Do not click until the final menu (Guests) or you will have to start that mapping again.

In the example above a Double room can be sold at a Single or a Double (Rate) Occupancy.
The Rate Occupancy is the occupancy where the price per night and restrictions will come from once the Rateplan has been selected.
The next menu that appears when you hover on the Rate occupancy menu is the Rateplan menu e.g. B&B or Room Only.
The next menu that appears is the number of guests and discounts (if any) appropriate for the selected Rateplan.  Click the desired number of guests.  Note: Price Per Stay discounts will not be applied to the per night rate.

If you have set up a child rate for the selected Occupancy Type (Room, Apartment, House etc.) the per night rate sent to the OTA will be calculated based on the number of children you have included in the mapping.

If you always want the occupancy to be closed on the OTA then select 'Always send zero availability and closed status'  from the drop down menu to the right of the OTA occupancy.  Doing this will ensure any modified reservations can still update existing reservations of this occupancy.
If you never want to send any rates, availability or restrictions to the OTA for a mapping then select 'Do not send any updates'.  
You must map all discovered occupancies.

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