Trouble Shooting OTA Conections

Sometimes the rates and availability you see on the OTA isn't what you expect.

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My Rooms are closed on the OTA!
First check your mapping.  
Is there availability for the Availability Occupancy?
Have you selected 'Always send zero availability and closed status' for the mapping?Do you have a 'Split' in place that results in zero availability for this mapping?

Check the 'Update Rates' screen.  
Do you have the mapped Rateplan closed?  (The cells are red.)
Do you have a min stay through or other restriction in place (this will only affect the customer facing booking engine of the OTA.  Availability should still appear in the OTA admin/extranet)?
Look at the top of the screen.  Do you have the OTA prioritised (closed out)?  This will appear as a red circle or half circle under the date.  Re-open by clicking the circle and selecting the OTA to re-open.

Check the Diary screen
Is the square beneath the date orange?  This indicates your minimum availability threshold has come into affect and closed your property.  Re-open by clicking the orange circle for the OTA.  If all the OTA are orange then the minimum availability threshold for your property may be active.

The Rates are wrong on the OTA!
First check the mapping
Have you mapped to the correct Rate Occupancy?
Have you mapped to the correct Rateplan?
Have you mapped to the correct Guests?  
Do you have a child rate for the Occupancy Type and Style you have mapped?Mapping to children may reduce the rate being sent.
Have you mapped to a discount which is per stay? Per stay discounts are not applied for OTA mappings.  Please select per person or per night for your discount set up.

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