I See Errors on The Traffic Lights!

Unfortunately computers aren't perfect. Sometimes errors occur.

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While we try to handle all errors as best as possible, some may occur, so we log/record these.  
All serious errors result in the system retrying the update until the error no longer occurs.

The traffic lights are located by navigating to Channels-> Traffic Lights.
You will see a number of green and yellow circles (depending on the number of properties you manage and the number of OTA connections each property has).

A yellow circle indicates that an error has been recorded for this connection at some point.  
Click the yellow circle to open a new tab with details of the error.  Some of the errors will mean nothing to you, unless you understand computer errors.
Some such as incorrect rates or base allocation (Expedia only) errors should be easy to understand.

An error does not mean that there is an ongoing issue.  Check the Last Experienced time.   If there is no Last Experienced time, check the First Experienced time.  Is this a recent date and time?  The date will be in month/day/year format and the time is UTC.
5/23/2017 12:28:35 AM

If you are on the traffic lights page and one of your connections has a snail, then it may be that the OTA is currently having issues, or that there is an issue with the connection set up.  Click the snail to see the errors.  

If you see an image of a cloud with an X then the error has been classified as a mapping error.  Please attempt to remap the connection.

Please note: you must be a super user to map a connection.  Please contact AccuBook/GuestDiary for us to remap.

Depending on the errors you may need to adjust the connection.
Click Channels->Channels and edit the connection.  

Have you filled in all the fields?
Look at your mapping.  

Have you entered a supplement for an extrabed on HRS and selected what type of hotdeal you have.

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