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HRS connections require some different mapping steps.

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This article assumes you have contracted with HRS and chosen AccuFunnel/AccuBook as your Channel Manger.

The first screen you will see when you select HRS as the OTA Website:

Enter the HRS provided Hotel Key and select the Rate Types you are selling on HRS.  To select multiple Rate Types, hold in the Ctrl key (Control key located in the bottom left corner of your keyboard) as you click with the mouse.  
Select the Breakfast options you sell on HRS.  Again press and hold Ctrl to select multiple Breakfast options.
Enter a Currency Code i.e. EUR, GBP, USD.
Select 2-way connection, Uplift, Closeout Threshold and Friendly Name options as required.
Click 'Save and discover rooms on OTA website'.

Mapping an extrabed mapping
HRS base all prices on a double plus a number of extra beds (to get a triple or quad/family) or a single plus an extra bed (to get a twin).
The rate (price) that HRS will set for a triple will be based on the double price you are sending for the double, plus a supplement for the extra bed (either a % or value).

Map to your Source Occupancy which will control open/close, restrictions and availability.  The rate (price) will not be controlled by the selected Rateplan.  Enter a supplement to add to your Double Rate in the last column and select your currency (for amount to add) or select % (for percentage to add).

Mapping a Hot Deal rate
A Hot Deal can be a minimum stay or Advanced purchase (non-refundable) deal.  Select the appropriate deal from the drop down.

Mapping Rateplans you don't want to sell
Sometimes you will never want to push rates or availability for a target occupancy on HRS.  This is OK.  Simply map to Do Not Update on the Source Occupancy in Diary drop down.  No rates or availability will every be sent to HRS.  
Please note that if you have previously sent updates for the target Occupancy the submitted rates and availability will remain on HRS.

You must map all Target Occupancies on HRS to something on the Diary.  
If you don't want updates to be sent, remember to map to Do Not Update.

Click 'Save Mapping' when you have mapped all occupancies.

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