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How to add a new reservation
How to add a new reservation

Detailed steps on adding a new reservation to

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You can add a reservation by clicking on the 'Add Reservation' in the main menu.

The following information needs to be supplied as part of the reservation:

  1. Guest Details (Required)

  2. Occupancy Details, (Required, arrival and departure dates, accommodation assignment and rate)

  3. Upgrades (Optional)

  4. Payments (Optional)

  5. Booking reference (Optional)

Guest Details

Option 1 : Creating a reservation for a new guest that has not yet stayed with you.

a. Enter the details of the guest including name and contact details.
b. If you wish to store credit card details, choose 'add card' and enter the payment details supplied. These will be stored securely and can be accessed at a later date.

Option 2 : Creating a reservation for a guest that has stayed with you before

a. Click the 'Choose a previous Guest'
b. Enter the name or email of the guest to search for previous guests with the same details.
c. You can choose the guest from the search results. (if you cannot find the guest, you can click 'Return to reservation' and proceed as if the guest has not saved with you before)

Occupancy Details

You are required to specify the arrival and departure dates, choose a 'room' from the available list for the selected dates, then choose an occupancy rate applicable for that room.

It is possible to select an occupancy that the guest has requested but is different from the physical configuration of the 'room' selected, this might be the case when you have limited availability, e.g. the guest has requested a Single room, but you only have a twin available.

Such mis-matches are highlighted on the diary screen so you can rearrange the reservations should the requested occupancy room become available.

The system will show you the current price for each rate plan, you can choose to offer a different price by entering it in the price field.


It is possible to add upgrades/extra to each room. Choose from the available upgrades and the quantity required. The price will be calculated but you can change the price to your preferred value.

You can add multiple rooms to a reservation, click the button to add another item, and repeat the steps above.


If the guest has made a deposit payment (or even a full advance payment), this can be added to the reservation, with a reference for future identification. The payment type can also be classified, such as by credit card or cash.

Booking Reference

If the reservation was made by a third party website, you can choose the channel, and also specify the booking reference. The booking can be searched by this reference.. e.g. if the guest makes an enquiry they will likely use the booking reference supplied to them by the booking website.

Click 'Save Reservation' or optionally choose the drop down arrow to save and email a confirmation to the guest.

The reservation will now show on the diary screen, the availability is automatically updated on your booking engine and all connected OTA websites.

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