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Low Inventory Thresholds

Avoid over bookings by closing OTA websites and/or your booking engine when your property is nearly full.

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Online sales will be paused** automatically on dates where the number of rooms available falls below the low inventory threshold.

Note your booking engine is not currently closed when the low inventory threshold is reached, this currently only affects the thirdparty booking engines. If you don't wish to sell through your bookign engine, you will need to close rate plans.

The orange boxes show the threshold has closed one or more channels, hovering over the menu shows the channels that are closed. You can click on a channel with an orange dot to open the channel despite the low inventory threshold. The other coloured dots are explained on the Booking Engine Prioritisation page

Property Setting and Channel Setting

A Low inventory threshold is automatically set for your property by us based on your property size (you can request the threshold level be changed to a level you are more comfortable with (some properties will keep some inventory offline to avoid over bookings, others will sell all rooms on all channels)

Each channel on the channel manager can have its own threshold, so each channel is automatically closed out as your inventory reduces, e.g. Channel A closes when you have 6 rooms left, then channel B when 4 rooms are left, properties typically close the channels with the highest commission first.

The channel manager will attempt* to set the availability of each room to 0 on the connected OTA websites on the days with low inventory.

This is done to prevent over bookings on dates where you may have not entered all your reservations e.g. if you receive a booking over the phone. 

You can override the threshold so the allocation is sent to the OTA, this is done by clicking on the 'open/close channel' button on your diary or rates screen.

It is recommended you only override the threshold on some channels, to avoid over bookings in the event you have just started using the system or issues with any of the channels that might cause a delay in delivery of bookings.

*the channel manager will attempt to close the channel - however this might not be possible if you have base/contacted allocation with the channel, issues closing the channel will be highlighted for each date on the rates and diary screens

**paused :  the availability will open again if there is a cancellation and the available room count goes above the threshold.

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