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The following describes the options available when checking out a guest

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The checkout process allows you to 

  • Check out rooms
    the status of the reservation changes so you know the room is ready for cleaning

  • Generate a bill
    Create a bill showing the charges to the room, and payments taken from the guest

  • Print a "pro-forma bill" prior to checking out
    A guest can look over a print out in advance of the checkout, to confirm all details are correct prior to generating the actual bill.

Click the "Arrivals/Departures" link in the main menu, then choose the room you wish to check out, or right click a pill on the diary and choose, "Checkout Reservation". The screen will then show a list of rooms in the reservation.

The screenshot below shows the initial checkout screen with multiple rooms in a single reservation available to check out.

You can choose to checkout multiple rooms at once (usually if one person is paying for multiple rooms), or checkout each room individually if each guest is paying for their own room.

Click the "Include in checkout" button beside each room you wish to check out.

The screen will then show the following:

  • [1] A text box with the guest details
    These will be shown on the invoice under the "invoice to" secion, if you wish to add a company name or reference you should do it here. NOTE: this will not update the guest details, it will only apply to the bill beign created.

  • [2] A list of payments received for this reservation
    Only outstanding payments will be shown (i.e. if you have already checked out another room and applied a payment to it, that payment will not be available to be assigned to this bill)

  • [3] A form to apply a new payment to this bill
    If you have charged the guest during the checkout, you can add the payment usign this form, any payments that have the checkbox checked will be applied to the bill, reducing the balance.

  • [4] A summary of the total for the selected rooms and the balance (selected payments reduce the balance)

  • [5] A button to quickly discount any outstanding balance if you do not wish to charge the guest e.g. if hte bill is for 121.45 you might charge then 120 and discount the 1.45.

  • [6] A "Checkout" button to checkout the selected rooms
    This button will change the status of the selected rooms to "Checked Out" and create a guest bill, which can then be printed or emailed to the guest.

  • [6] A secondary option on the checkout button allows you to print a pro-forma of the bill for the guest to review in advance of checkout.

  • [7] Click "View card details" to view the credit cards stored in the vault for the guest.

  • [8] Click Edit if you wish to change the reservation, then return to the checkout page after making the necessary changes.

The text on the checkout button [6] will change if there is a balance due or the bill is paid in full. 

Receiving Payments after checking out a guest

If there is an outstanding balance on a guest bill and you receive the payments after the bill has been created. You should go to the "Guest Bills" page and click "Apply Payment" to clear the balance of the bill. The payment should NOT be applied to the reservation.

Taking Payments in advance of checkout

NOTE: Payments cannot be split during checkout
If you have applied a payment in advance of checkout (in the screenshot above €395 was received in advance of arrival) but you wish to check out the rooms individually you will need to add separate payments to the value of the group of rooms you wish to check out and delete the larger payment.

The payment of €395 cannot be split to apply part of it to the €255 due for the selected rooms beign checked out.

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