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How to Open/Close Rate Plans

Looks at how to open and close Rate Plans in the Guest Diary

Written by Andy Bassett
Updated over a week ago

Go to the page Rates/Update Rates.

If the cell is 'red' it means that the Rate Plan or Occupancy is closed out.

One day at a time
To open the 'Red' Rate Plan or Occupancy simply hover over the cell and then press Control (CTRL) and 'Mouse Click at the same time. This will remove the red 'Closed' status and if you click 'Save' will open up the Rate Plan/Occupancy.

Bulk Update
You can close Rate Plans/Occupancy 'enmasse' ie months at a time. To do this click on the 'pencil' icon next to the RatePlan Name and you will get a Dialog Box title 'Bulk Update'
Select 'Open/Close'
Select the Rate Plan or Occupancy you want to work on.
Select the Date Range you want to edit.
Select 'Open' Or 'Close' on the relevant day of the week
The click 'Save'

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