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Creating and Editing Upgrades and Extras
Creating and Editing Upgrades and Extras
Written by Andy Bassett
Updated over a week ago

Upgrades and Extras

**Please note you can now sort the upgrades to decide what order they appear on your Booking Engine**

To create an Upgrade/Extra click on Rates in the Menu and then Upgrades.
You can either select an existing Upgrade from the dropdown or you can create a new one.

You now decide which Occupancies and Rate Plans you want that Upgrade to be available to. For example it would not make sense to apply Breakfast as an Upgrade to the Bed and Breakfast rate as breakfast is already included.
Once created you have to decide;

How should it be charged (i.e Once for the whole stay or Per Person Per Night etc)
The Price (Leave as '0' if its something you price individually i.e Drinks at the Bar).
Is there a max qty per day that these upgrades should be limited too? I.e You might only have 6 parking spaces.
Is there a max qty per room? i.e You may set up an extra bed as an upgrade but only wish to add one per room.
Is there a max availability per reservation? i.e For example if the Upgrade is 'Airport Pickup' this should only be available once per reservation.

If you DON'T wish for the upgrade to be available for guests to select when making a reservation on the Guest Diary Booking Engine then select the field 'Private' this means the upgrade is available for internal use to select when creating a Guest Bill for someone but the guest cannot book it when reserving a room.

Finally you select the VAT rate for the extra and the Upgrade 'Group' (needed for Financial Reporting etc.)


You may need to do hard refresh or logout and login again to make the Upgrade Visible on a Reservation Details page.

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