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Link your Stripe account to GuestDiary.Com and collect credit cards from guests via the Channel Manager (from OTA such as and Expedia), the GuestDiary.Com Booking Engine and Contactless Guest Portal.

Please note: All Online Travel Agent (, Expedia etc.) reservations will also store their card details in the AccuBook Vault.

Card Collection

Any guests booking on your booking engine or via an OTA (, Expedia etc.) will have their card details stored in Stripe for payment processing at a later date.


Once a Stripe card is associated with a guest, any payments of type 'Stripe' will charge that card.

The payment is processed via Stripe when the reservation is saved.

If a payment fails, the reason why will be displayed, and the payment will not be added/saved to the reservation.

You can view any Stripe payments within the Stripe dashboard.


If you wish to apply a refund (full or partial), click the 'Refund via Stripe' button beside the payment and enter an amount to refund. Once the reservation is saved, the refund will be processed via Stripe.

If a refund fails, the reason why will be displayed, and the refund will not be added to the reservation.

The refund will be visible on the Stripe dashboard.

You can also add Stripe payments or refund Stripe payments on bills.

The bill and reservation will show the payments and refunds as usual.

Please note: If you want to add a payment of type Stripe, please ensure the Stripe payment method is selected. If you wish to add a payment of a different type (cash etc.), you may still do so. Just select the applicable payment type.

Manual Collection to Stripe

If you want to add virtual cards collected from an Online Travel Agent, you may.

Edit the reservation,

then the guest,

then click 'Add Card',

then select Stripe,

enter the card details,

then return to the reservation and you can add payments of type Stripe.

Connecting Stripe to your GuestDiary Account

First you have to allow GuestDiary.Com to collect cards on your behalf to be stored in Stripe.

Scroll to 'Subscription' in the menu on MyGuestDiary.Com.

Click 'Connect with Stripe'.

If you do not have a Stripe account, you can create one easily at this point.

If you already have a Stripe account you can sign in, or if you are already signed in to Stripe, you can just click 'Connect my Stripe account'.

You will be taken to a page which will indicate the connection is complete.

You will then be redirected back to your diary.

That's it!

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