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Booking Engine Prioritisation

Prioritise sales through certain channels

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You can choose to close particular channels (OTA websites, iCal (Airbnb), or the booking engine) on any dates.

The circle icons above the diary and rates screen show the status for online sales.

  • White circle with no background, all channels are open (subject to room availability)

  • Black circle - all online channles are closed* ( booking engine, OTA and iCal)

  • Red circle - all OTA (channel manager) connections are closed / iCal connections are closed / both OTA and iCal are closed

  • Half red circle - some OTA (channel manager) connections are closed

  • Orange background - some OTA connections are paused** due to low inventory. This happens when your inventory falls below a specified threshold as described in the Low Inventory Thresholds page 

As shown below, if your property has an iCal connection i.e. Airbnb, an additional menu option will appear beneath "Close all channel manager websites".

Clicking on "Close all Airbnb sales" will close Airbnb while leaving OTA sales and booking engine sales open.

Clicking on both "Close all channel manager websites" and "Close all Airbnb sales" will close both OTA sales and Airbnb sales (leaving booking engine sales open) and will change the colour of the closeout circle beneath the availability row to red.

Clicking each of the listed options will close all sales on that particular date and will change the colour of the closeout circle beneath the availability row to black.***

*the channel manager will attempt to close the channel - however this might not be possible if you have base/contacted allocation with the channel, issues closing the channel will be highlighted for each date on the rates and diary screens.

**paused :  the availability will open again if there is a cancellation and the available room count goes above the threshold.

***simply clicking "Close all online sales" will provide the same closeout level as clicking each of the menu options.

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