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Guest Check-in

Details on the check-in process in

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The check-in/checkout page shows a list of guests who are due to check in today.

Each 'room' is checked in separately (i.e. a reservation might have multiple 'rooms', each one will be checked in separately, rather than checking in the entire reservation).

Should you need to modify any of the details of the reservation, you can click 'Edit' to open the reservation and modify the reservation or guest details. Once the details have been saved. You should return to the check-in/checkout page to check-in the guest.

After confirming with the guest that the details of the reservation are correct, click 'Check In' to check them in, which will change the status of the reservation item, and it's colour on the diary screen.

Note: It is not possible to drag & drop a pill on the diary screen once it has been checked-in.*

Taking payment during check-in

Should you wish the guest to pay during check-in, you can apply payments to the reservation. You can also optionally finalize the bill during check-in. It is not recommended to create a bill on check-in unless you know the reservation will not change (e.g. adding additional extras, changing length of stay etc).

If you have finalized the bill on checkin, during checkout you just checkout the guest and no futher action is required.

If you did finalize the bill on check-in but have added additional charges to the reservation. You will need to delete the bill (on the Guest Bills page), and create another bill as part of the checkout process, which will include the extra charges. 

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