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Guest Check-out

Details on the checkout process in

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Click on the 'Arrivals/Departures' link in the menu. This page shows a list of 'rooms' that are due to be checked out today.

Click the guest name to show the details of the reservation.

The checkout form will show:

Guest Details

  • A textbox pre-filled with the guest details, this is the address that will be included on the bill. You can update the details as required, this will be used on the bill but will not updated the guest details saved in the diary.

Room List

  • A list of rooms that are part of the selected reservation which are yet to check out.

  • You can click the box beside each room to include it in the checkout.

  • One bill will be generated for all items selected during the checkout process.


  • If you have charged the guest, you can add a reference to the payments taken, these will be included on the bill, when payments are added and selected to be included, the balance will reduce.

  • If checking out multiple rooms, you may wish to apply different payments to the other rooms in a separate bill.


  • If for any reason you wish to reduce the guest bill, you can apply a discount, this will show on the bill. Applying discounts will reduce the balance of the bill.

Once you have selected the items you wish to check out, the total amount and any balance outstanding will be shown.

Checking out without creating a bill

If you create a discount for the same amount as the bill total, the guest will be checked-out but no bill will be created.

Outstanding Balances

If you check-out the guest with a balance remaining, this will be shown on the bill and a payment can be applied to the bill at a later date.

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