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Reservations Requiring Attention
Reservations Requiring Attention

If a reservation is unallocated or has been updated after you notified of an invalid credit card

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This page will display any unallocated reservations, provisional reservations or any reservations that need your attention. Invalid CC

If you have notified of an invalid credit card:
If more than 24 hours have passed without new credit card details, then you can notify that you wish to cancel the reservation.

If a modification has been received from with new credit card details you will see the reservation here.


If your property has enabled the Auto-Release Feature, the Reservations Requiring Attention page will display any provisional bookings that have a release date within the next 12 hours.

This table shows the most essential information regarding the Guest and Reservation and also provides 3 buttons for the user to use to take action.

Email - clicking on this button will send an E-mail reminder to the guest
Edit - will take the user to the Edit Reservation page where the user can reset the Release-Date or Confirm the reservation.
Cancel - will cancel the entire reservation. 

No Shows

Marking a reservation as a No Show will add it to the Needs Attention page for 48 hours or until the No Show status is removed, whichever comes first. As can be seen from the snippet below, a number of actions can be performed on a no show from this page.

View / Edit -  This button will read "Edit" if the reservation hasn't been cancelled and "View" if it has been cancelled. Clicking Edit will take the user to the Edit Reservation page, there, the user can make alterations to the reservation. Clicking View will show the user that reservations Confirmation.
Bill - This button will open a new popup where the user can assign a bill to the reservation. This will work regardless of whether the reservation is cancelled or not.
Undo - Clicking undo will allow the user to undo the no show status and will also open a popup to allow the user to reinstate the reservation if it was cancelled.*

Bookings Cancelled By Guests

If a guest cancels a reservation with a non-refundable rateplan, or the free cancellation date has passed, the reservation will appear on this page in the 'Bookings Cancelled by Guests' section. Only reservations cancelled by guests through our system will show here.

Once you have taken notice of these cancellations, you may remove them from the needing attention page by pressing the 'Acknowledged' button which will affect all marked items for the reservation. You can also create a standalone bill from here, or view the full reservation confirmation page.

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