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Manage your reservations via the Diary

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The Diary screen presents your occupied rooms in a daily grid. Allowing you to view and optimize availability at a glance.

View the diary in 8, 14 or 30 days at a time by clicking the respective buttons at the top of the screen.

Quickly jump forward and back in time using the buttons to the top left of the diary, jump to a particular date using the calendar button.

Your available rooms are listen down the left of the screen with each reservation 'pill' positioned over the dates of stay. The guest name 

Searching for reservations

Use the textbox at the top right to search for reservations, you can enter the guest name, reservation id or booking reference. A list of all matching reservations will be shown in a list. Clicking on an item in the list will open the reservation for editing.

If any of the reservations on the current diary screen match the searched term it will be highlighted.


The pills show which rooms are occupied on each date. The Guest name is shown within the pill (space permitting), payment status is highlighted when viewing 8 nights via coloured currency symbol (red : unpaid, green : paid)

Hover over the pill to view additional information in a popover. 

Guest comments and property notes are shown by hovering your mouse over the 'i' icon on the pill or the title of the popover.

Pill Colours

The colours of the pills identify the different status of the reservations. You can sepcify the colours you want to use on the Settings > Colours page, (e.g. if you are moving from another supplier and wish to continue to keep the same colours defined in their system).
The colours will identify if a reservation is:
 - Confirmed
 - Provisional
 - No Show
 - Cancelled
 - Checked-in
 - Checked-out
 - Being created (when creating a new reservation the pills are shown on the diary)
 - Unallocated, (reservations may be unallocated if there was no continuous available room at the time of booking, these need to be resolved : see {unallocated bookings] for more information)

Drag and Drop

You can move a guest to another room by simply dragging and dropping the pill to the other room.

To avoid accidentally moving a pill the drag and drop functionality is only activated when you hold in the Ctrl key on your keyboard. You can then drag the pill to a different room or different dates.

Drag the edge of the pill left or right to change the length of stay.

After moving the pill an alert will be shown with the newly calculated price for the stay, this price is base on the current prices in the system for the dates selected. You can choose to accept the price or specify a different price.

After saving the new price the reservation will be updated with the new dates. A confirmation email can be optionally sent to the guest confirming the changes.

Channel Prioritisation

You can prioritise sales through your diary booking engine by closing the other online channels such as or expedia.

The prioritisation is represented by the circular icon at the top of the diary under the dates.

You can choose form the following:
close all online sales
(no more bookings will be accepted on your booking engine or connected OTA websites*). This may be useful if you have a limited number of rooms remaining and are expecting bookings to be made over the phone / walk ins.

close all channel manager websites
Your diary booking engine will still sell available rooms but the OTA websites will be closed*

close a particular channel
If you only want to close specific channels (perhaps your most expensive commission channels) click on the channel name. The channel icon will turn red indicating the channel is closed, click it again to open the channel on this date.
When a channel is closed for a particular date, all mapped rooms will be closed on the selected dates.

*If you have contracted (base) allocation on an OTA the channel manager cannot close the room, so a booking may still be received.

Auto Prioritisation (Pause Sales)

If your availability is lower than the threshold the channels will be automatically closed. By clicking on the channel icon you can override this and open the availability again.

When a channel is automatically prioritised, the closed status is temporary (selling is paused), and may be opened again automatically if a cancellation is made causing the available room county go above the specified threshold.

This differs to the explicit closed status which remains closed until you open it again.

for more information see Low Inventory Thresholds

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