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Contactless/Remote Checkout

Some information on how the new contactless checkout feature works

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You can now offer your customers the option of checking out without standing at reception and greatly reducing their time at reception.

With Contactless Check-in your guest can fill in your sign in sheet and provide I.D. (if required).

With Contactless Checkout your guest can review their charges, add a Stripe Card for you to charge, and indicate which card they want you to charge.

When the guest clicks the link in the contactless checkout reminder email or the 'Manage Booking' link in their reservation confirmation, they are taken to the Contactless Guest Portal.

When the guest clicks the 'Check out online' button, the guest will see a summary of their stay.

If you have connected your Stripe account, the guest can optionally add a credit/debit card.

The guest can request which card on file they would like you to debit.

The requested card will be indicated on the contactless checkouts section of the diary.

The guest can then request checkout. This will notify your GuestDiary account of the requested checkout.

You can checkout, add charges/payments and email the bill to the guest as usual. You can also send a message to the guest when you approve the checkout.

The guest is not checked out automatically.

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