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2.26 - GuestDiary University, Responsive Improvements, Turnover Report, and more!
2.26 - GuestDiary University, Responsive Improvements, Turnover Report, and more!
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GuestDiary University (GDU) - The GDU now has a presence within the diary system. You will see a 'Training/Help' button on the new userbar which is present across all pages on the system. You will also see your trained users and what modules they have completed on the dashboard.

You may also view all of our available training videos from the GD University > Quick Help menu item or by clicking "View all videos" from the menu above.

Responsive Improvements - The system now makes better use of the available space as well as making the Diary and Rates screens better on smaller screens.

Turnover Report - This report provides you with a full overview of your earnings for a month. The report is accessible under the Reports page.

Persistent Userbar - You will now see the userbar that used to be on the dashboard screen displayed on all pages on the system. This allows quick access to the user menu, help, and a few other features.

Show/Hide Task Manager Sidebar - The task manager sidebar may no be toggled on/off on pages other than the dashboard. Even if the task manager is hidden, you may still access it from the 'x alerts' badge present on the userbar. The setting is accessible from Settings > Customise Diary.

Lots of UI goodies - Various UI changes have been carried out around the system to improve your experience.

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