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2.38 - Automated Day End Reporting, Country Report, Full Refund & Writeoff, and more...
2.38 - Automated Day End Reporting, Country Report, Full Refund & Writeoff, and more...
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Automated Day End Reporting - The day end report can now be automated by setting up a daily schedule when the reports should run. This option is only available to users who are set up with ledger-based accounting.

Once the schedule is set up, you will receive daily emails with the latest version of the reports which include the Day End, Day End Summary, Cashflow, and Turnover reports. At the end of the month, you will additionally receive the same set of reports generated for the whole the month.

The day-end schedule can be set under Settings > Customise Diary > Automatic Day End Close Schedule.

Country Report - A new report labeled 'Hospitality Attendance Report / Country Report' is now available under the Reports page. The report will show how many Arrivals / Departures you have processed from various countries for the month and year selected.

Bill Actions Dropdown - The various actions available on the bills page have now been merged under a dropdown labeled 'Actions' for the sake of preserving space and consistency across the Diary.

Full Refund & Writeoff - Speaking of actions you may perform on a bill, you now have the option to apply a full refund and write-off to a bill instead of having to carry out the two steps individually, while also reducing the risk of human error. If a write-off has already been applied, this option is not available.

Bill Deletion Reason - For auditing purposes, you are now asked to provide a reason for the deletion of a bill.

This release also brings several fixes and improvements to the system.

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