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2.39 - New Channel - Airbnb (API Connection)
2.39 - New Channel - Airbnb (API Connection)
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New Channel - Airbnb (API Connection) - This release is all about the release of a new Channel Manager connection for Airbnb. As you may be aware, we already support Airbnb through an iCal connection. This existing connection is unreliable and slow to update which is not suitable for a busy property.

The new Airbnb connection interfaces directly with the Airbnb API which solves all the headaches presented by the iCal connection. Rates and availability updates are instantly sent over to Airbnb as soon as you make changes, and incoming bookings are processed as soon as Airbnb informs us about them.

The key things to note about this new connection:

  1. Once you connect your listings through the API, they will be instantly switched to Instant Book. Request to book (RTB) is only possible under special circumstances such as ID verification being needed or the Airbnb account being untrusted.

  2. If you were previously using the iCal connection and wish to connect through the API, the iCal connection will be disabled, but all bookings received through the iCal connection will now be controlled and updated by the API connection as long as the booking ids match.

  3. The iCal connection will still be available, but we highly recommend switching over to the new connection as soon as possible.

  4. The Airbnb account you connect with us must be the owner/admin of the listings you wish to control through us. We are not able to manage co-hosted listings.

  5. You can connect multiple Airbnb accounts to us, but only one Diary account may be connected to one Airbnb account. If your Airbnb account has listings for multiple properties, we recommend separating these listings into different Airbnb accounts.

If you are interested in switching over, contact us as soon as you are ready to do so.

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