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The New Dashboard and Task Manager
The New Dashboard and Task Manager
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The goal of this article is to provide a quick overview of the inner workings of the new dashboard and task manager.

What is the new Dashboard and Task Manager?

The new dashboard and task manager are our solutions to presenting information in a format that can be universally understood by trained and untrained staff. The Dashboard displays information needed in the day to day running of your business, while the Task Manager keeps you informed about any outstanding issues that you can act on with the click of a button.

The information available through the Dashboard

Arrivals and Departures
This section displays a live feed of all arrivals and departures for your property today, and headcounts for the day.

Get information on the channels you are connected to at a glance, such as uplift, status, and the closeout threshold.

Recent Activity
View activity in your property for the past 24 hours. Only the activity generated by the Channel Manager and Booking Engine is shown in this section.

Closeout Threshold, Diary Information
Check whether you are selling or not due to the global threshold (safety net) or prioritised dates (i.e. you have closed all online sales or closed all OTA sales), view the number of bookable rooms remaining, and, monitor user activity in your property.

Is your EPOS connected to our system? If so, you can view recent activity and any status updates in this section.

Details on the alerts issued by the Task Manager

Today's Tasks
This is the same as the old Tasks section on the old dashboard but in a new location and a new look. Add anything important that you need to take care of today or in the future here. Only tasks created for today's date are shown here.

Chargeable Cancellations
This section keeps track of any cancellations that have been cancelled outside the free cancellation period based on terms set at the Rateplan level on The cancellation policy set on each Online Travel Agent (OTA) system may vary from channel to channel. We cannot retrieve this information from the channels, and therefore any chargeable cancellations are determined based on the policy set on Please check the cancellations terms on the relevant OTA channel via their extranet.

Advanced Purchase & No Shows
Any bookings marked as no shows (within the last 72 hours) from the diary will show up here until a charge is applied.
Likewise, if a booking has been made with an advanced purchase rate (i.e. the booked rateplan has cancellation terms set to 'not cancelable'), it will also show up here until it is charged. 

Unallocated Bookings
If a booking ends up unallocated (i.e. the channel manager could not find an appropriate room to put the booking in), it will be shown in this section until it is allocated in the diary. Such bookings stop any sales for the dates affected and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Provisional Bookings
If a provisional booking is made in the system, the booking is shown here. If you have the auto-release module and have attached a release date to the booking, the date will also be shown here.

Unpaid/Overpaid Bills
Any bills that are missing payments or have an excess of payments will show up here until an appropriate charge or refund is applied. Only bills created within the last 31 days are shown here.

Unprocessed Vouchers
If you are availing of the vouchers module, this section lists any vouchers which have been booked through your booking engine and have yet to be acknowledged and processed by you.

Invalid Cards (
This section displays any bookings where a credit card has been marked as invalid and is awaiting new credit card details and any bookings where the new credit card details have been received and are awaiting acknowledgement.

Cancellations Not Found
Any bookings that have been cancelled through an OTA where a matching booking could not be found on the Diary are shown here. 

OTA Room Mapping Issues
If a connection to a channel has improperly set up mappings between the Diary and the Channel, you will be alerted to take action.

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